Tree Territories

Since several months, I have been working with maps. I realized a new photo- graphic project which consist of fragmented pictures of bodies printed with marine maps. I reexplore the body as a territory, and therefore propose a journey through shapes, landscapes, depths and words.
Now, I decided to go through the project working with other maps. The one I used in this serial are geographical maps about biological evolution. Mixing them on tree pictures create at first glance a graphic interest, as they are very pictural. I thought very interesting to propose this association as a link to environmental issues and
of course the disappearance of forests in parts of the territories. I also like the effect created by the shapes and lines, how green, lines and curves are encountering themselves. Therefore, it also refers to webs, to connections, like the roots of trees and the way they are interconnected.
I think a certain poetry comes out of the images, but also from this interconnecting idea, as territories depend on nature, and we depend of them. Instead of dividing, and expend, those landscapes invite us to reconnect to nature, poetry and our inner maps.