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Himself He cooks

EARTH GRAND PRIX at Tokyo International film festival

Special award at International Ethno film festival - The Heart of Slavonia

Best documentary award at European spiritual film Festival, Paris

Best documentary audience award at River to River International film festival, Florence

Best documentary feature at Monterrey international film festival

Best feature film at NYC Food Film Festival

„Himself he cooks“ the book! 144p photographybook, dvd included ENG/FR/NL

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Himself He cooks

Upcoming screenings

Filmer à tout prix, Flagey 06/11/2013 18H00

Devour! The food film festival, Nova Scotia 06/11/2013

Mois du film documentaire Valenciennes 16/11/2013 15H00

Ecrans du réel, Le mans 24/11/2013

Semaine du cinéma ethnographique, Caen 29/11/2013

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